Frequently Asked Questions

Have a query relating to the Wired Sussex jobs site? Please have a look through the questions below.

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Q: How do I post a job?
Follow this link, then sign in to your recruiter profile. Once logged in, you can select a job ad package and create, pay for and publish your advert.

If you would like more in-depth instructions or are struggling with a particular part of the the job posting process, please get in touch with Ophelia on

Trying to copy and re-publish an ad that’s expired? Find the answer below. 

Find out how to craft the perfect job ad here.

Q: Can I edit a job advert once it's gone live?

A: Yes! Login to your recruiter account here, go to 'Your Jobs', click the title of the role and make your changes. Make sure you press 'Save' at the bottom. This will update the ad.

Q: How much does it cost to advertise a job?
The cost of advertising on Wired Sussex is based on the size of your company and what package you choose. You can find a breakdown of costs here.

Looking for information about job bundles? Click here and scroll down to 'Save Money with Job Bundles', or get in touch:

Q: I have a small or medium business and receive a discount on advertising. Where do I add my discount code? 
To apply your discount code, at the checkout page enter either WIREDSMALL (for 1-10 employees) or WIREDMEDIUM (for 11-50 employees) in the 'discount' field, and click 'Apply'. 

Q: I need a VAT receipt for my recent job ad posting. How can I access this? 
A: If you paid online (i.e. not by invoice or over the phone), you will be able to download receipts for job ad payments by logging into your Recruiter account and clicking on ‘Your payments’. You will see a list of all job ad payments made online. Click ‘Receipt’ on the right-hand side to view your receipt. To download it, click ‘Print’ and change the destination on the dropdown to ‘Save as PDF’. 

Q: I’m trying to see who applied for the role I posted. How can I view applicants’ CVs and cover letters?
A: To view CVs submitted by email via Wired Sussex, login to your recruiter account and click on ‘Your jobs’. The dropdown menu under ‘Filter your jobs’ may show live jobs by default, but if you have no live jobs you can select ‘expired’. 

Click the job title of the ad you’d like to see applications for, or click the application number on the right-hand side. Click on an applicant’s name or click ‘view’ to see their cover letter. A link to download their CV will be at the bottom of the cover letter. 

Tip: We also offer an external apply option which takes applicants to your website to submit an application there. We can’t track application status once candidates leave our site, so application numbers in your Wired Sussex recruiter account may not be accurate. 

Q: I’m trying to pay for a job ad online but my card payment hasn’t worked / there is some other issue. How can I make sure my ad goes live ASAP?
A: Drop an email to Ophelia, the manager of the jobs board:, or call us on 01273 692888.

Q: How can I purchase / find out more about job bundles?
We offer bundles of 5, 10 or 20 job ads, discounted by 20%, 30% and 40% respectively. These are a fantastic way to cut recruitment costs. As with single job ads, we offer discounts on job bundles for Small (1-10 employees) and Medium (11-50 employees) companies. Bundles can be any tier—Standard, Enhanced or Premium. 

To purchase, please give us a call on 01273 692888 or drop an email to

Q: I have credits to use in the CV database, but I’m not sure where to start. How do I use these? 
A: CV credits come as part of the Enhanced and Premium ad packages, or can be bought separately in bundles of 5 or 10. You can use CV credits to headhunt in our CV database, which at the time of writing has almost 3,000 candidates. You need credits to unlock names and contact details for CVs.

Please check out our post about the CV database and CV credits for detailed information on how to make the most of this service. 

Want to purchase a bundle of CV credits? Drop an email to

Q: I work with a charity who is interested in advertising a vacancy on Wired Sussex. Is there a free job ad package available? 
A: We don’t currently offer a free job posting package. However, registered charities are VAT-exempt across all our paid services. 

If you’re a registered charity looking to buy a job ad, or if you have already paid the full amount including VAT but believe you are entitled to a VAT refund, please get in touch at If you’re unsure about your eligibility for a discount or VAT exemption, please get in touch. 

Q: I want to copy and re-publish a job ad which has expired. How do I do this? 
A: It’s easy to copy and re-advertise expired ads in your recruiter account. Follow these steps: 

  • Login to your recruiter account and click on 'Your jobs' in the menu at the top.
  • Under 'Filter jobs', you'll see a dropdown Status menu. Select 'Expired' from this menu.
  • Select the title of the relevant jobs, or hit 'copy' to the right. This will take you through to the advert details, where you can select the ad package you want to buy and make any edits (make sure you remove 'Copy of' from the job title!).
  • Hit 'Save' at the bottom of the page, which will take you through to your basket. Once you're happy with your ads, click 'Pay now'. 

Tip: if your company has 1-10 employees, you can use the code ‘WIREDSMALL’ for a 75% discount. If your company has 11-50 employees, you can use the code ‘WIREDMEDIUM’ for a 45% discount. 

If you get stuck, please give us a ring on 01273 692888, or drop an email to


Q: Can I add / delete users in my recruiter account?

A: Yes! To manage users in your account, sign in to your recruiter account here. Click 'Users' in the main menu bar to create or delete users as needed. 

There is no limit to the number of users you can add to your account. 

Q: I can't remember my password for my recruiter account! How do I reset it? 
A: You can reset your password for the Jobs site here, or click the orange 'Advertise a Job' button and go to 'Sign in'. You will see a 'Forgot password?' link. Enter your email address and hit the 'Reset' button. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password. 

Tip: check your Spam folder!

Please note, that users for the Wired Sussex Home site and Wired Sussex Jobs site are hosted separately, meaning your password will not update for both sites. 

Q: I’m having trouble accessing my recruiter account. How can I sign in? 
A: Make sure you are on the Wired Sussex Jobs site sign-in page, rather than the Wired Sussex main site. 

Ensure you are using the correct email address and password. 

If you’re still struggling, please give us a ring on 01273 692888 or drop an email to